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Kruder AND Dorfmeister

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Kruder AND Dorfmeister

1993 - 2018, 25 years after their first release G-Stoned - the classic first EP which became a legendary vinyl mile stone, will be celebrated by Kruder & Dorfmeister on it`s anniversary with a very special 4 hour DJ set . Back to back, just as it happened in the early days.

For bigger events and festivals they will produce and perform with visuals by “lichterloh tv” - the sophisticated visual production team of the famous Austrian act HVOB.

Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister, the Producer Godfather`s from Vienna / Austria, are universally known for their stunning productions and ground breaking remixes. The genre defining DJ Kicks album and their masterpiece The K&D Sessions sold each far over one million copies worldwide and became a cult collection. Their left field mixes and luscious grooves and are now rightly considered as genre classics. 

Still today, their tonal language, musical approach and style represents their unique mastery - with a new generation of beat makers referencing the timeless, open minded and forever looking forward approach, that digs a deep whole your soul.

Upcoming Shows

04.08.2018 25 Anniversary DJ SetSt. Michael`s FortressSibenik
27.07.2018 25 Anniversary DJ SetVilla PisaniStra`
05.07.2018 25 Anniversary DJ SetTrip Music Festival at La Triennale di MilanoMilan
16.06.2018 25 Anniversary DJ SetSpringfestival @ Dom am BergGraz
02.06.2018 25 Anniversary DJ SetADD FestvialAthens