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Timo Lassy Band

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Timo Lassy Band

Up north in Finland, in the land of the hottest Saunas, longest winters and saddest Tangos, you can also find one of the coolest and most distinguished saxophonist/composers on the Jazz-scene today.

Timo Lassy, acclaimed as a “rising star” in US jazz bible Downbeat, hits us with ‘Love Bullet’, his fifth album and his most accomplished studio work to date. “The entire album is definitely more personal than all my previous work”, he says of this sophisticated collection of ten instrumental originals. “It tells a story of the past few colourful years in my life. No need to rush this time around, I hope.”
Constantly selling out shows in his native Finland, Lassy is on the verge of becoming a force to be reckoned with on the international jazz circuit as well.
The Timo Lassy Band includes members of several hard-hitting and well-proven ensembles, most notably The Five Corners Quintet, the most successful Finnish jazz outfit to date and also the alma mater of Lassy himself. Live, the Timo Lassy Band excels in getting into the mood of hard- swinging jazz with gusto galore. The band is brimming with innovation, making this music very much “the art of now”.
It is precisely this openness to both tradition and innovation, and the knack at combining the two that makes Timo Lassy Band a top draw in the current live jazz circuit. As a character, Timo Lassy embodies the rare kind of charisma of a contemporary jazz star. The content, the message, and the means to convey the both ensure that anyone looking for 100% pure high-quality contemporary jazz will be right at home with Timo Lassy.
In 2017 Timo will celebrate his 10 years band anniversary with a special program (first recording sessions + African Rumble EP out already 2006) playing music from all his 5 albums being released so far. Also he is offering a couple of bigger concerts together with Ricky-Tick Big Band Bras Ensemble arranged by Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen. As 2017 is also a big year for Finland –his motherland became an independent state in 1917, so it’s the 100 birthday, Timo would like to combine the 10 + the 100 into concert themes. Timo and the Anniversary of Finland’s independence will be presented around the globe.

No gimmicks needed here, this jazz is cooking.